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Sell On Ninecolours

If you are a manufacturer, distributor, designer or artisan looking to directly sell your products through our website, you can view our terms and conditions below and reach out to us on below given contacts. You will have to sign our agreement listing the terms below before we list you on the website.
Terms Of Selling:
1) We work on a Transfer Price Model. (price you quote for the product is the amount we transfer to you, selling prices on ninecolours will be defined by ninecolours and not the seller.)
2) We do not charge any additional Comission.  ( we do not charge any amount on your quoted price.)
3) Shipping charges are paid based on actuals. ( the shipping charge from your office to our mumbai facility will be as per actuals to be paid by ninecolours. Any additional charges for shipping the customer are borne by ninecolours.)
4) All products will be shipped to our Mumbai Facility Only. ( We do not allow shipping products directly to our customers due to our qulaity check process, all the products will be received in our facility and be shipped to our customers from our end.)
Please mail us your sample catalogs with prices on [email protected]
Please contact us on +91-7506590558 / +91 - 9619868877 for more details.
Please Note: We May Choose to decline Listing of Your Products Based On our internal review of the pricing and quality or any other factors highighted by our Quality Control team.